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Frequently Asked Questions

How to request to delete your data
Log in from the iOS App
How can I change the email address connected to my Lnk.Bio account?
What can I use the URL Shortener for?
How do I remove a Theme?
How to activate a Cookie Banner on my Lnk.Bio profile?
How do I add an sms link?
What is a multi account
How can I add a Support/Donation box?
How do I add a phone/tel link?
What are downloadable digital products?
Wrong account connected in the Instagram SYNC section
How do I delete my account?
How to remove the Border from Lnks.
Headlines, Headings, and Texts
How can I have 2 different Lnk layouts (Buttons + Grid)
How to create a VCard
How do I add more Icons?
How can I set a Grid layout for my Lnks
How can I rearrange items on my Lnk.Bio profile?
Can I cancel my monthly subscription at anytime?
Browser Title
How do I add a MailTo link?
Donation/Support Box
How can I embed Videos in my Lnk.Bio profile?
What is the best size for the Background Image?
What is the difference between Visits and Clicks?
How can I add my biography or descriptive text on Lnk.Bio?
Can I customise my Profile Picture?
Why is my PayPal payment taking so long to confirm?
Why is my Lnk.Bio link not clickable on Instagram?
Where can I find my receipt/invoice?
What is the best size of the Lnk Images?
How can I rearrange or sort my Icons?
Story Links - How do I use them?
How to add 2FA security
Which types of services can I sell on Lnk.Bio?
Why is my latest Instagram post now showing in the Sync section
How do I delete a Lnk
How to massively delete Lnks
How do I add an iMessage link