Grid Layout is only available for paid plan, starting with the MINI at just $0.99/month

If you want to mirror the IG Grid, or simply use a different layout for your Lnks, Lnk.Bio offers several options to adapt to your necessities or brand image.

To get started, head over to the Style section and tap on the Layout icon, located in the top-left corner, as shown below.

In the new window that will open, you will see your current layout for both Mobile and Desktop devices. You can tap on the Change button to change each layout.

For best results, we suggest to select the same layout for both Desktop and Mobile.

Once you tap on Change you can scroll down to choose your favorite layout among all the styles Lnk.Bio offers.

If you're looking to mirror the Instagram grid, we suggest to choose the Mirror the IG Grid as shown below:

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