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What is the best size of the Lnk Images?
What is the best size of the Lnk Images?
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In Lnk.Bio you can have two options for your Lnk Images:

  • Square (like Instagram)

  • or 16:9 (the most common rectangular shape)

You can choose one or the other under "Style" => "Layout"

Once you decided which type of image you'd like to use, you can use any size of picture to upload, but they should respect the ratio you chose and be at least 1024px in each dimension.
For example, if you chose Square, you should upload a square image of at least 1024x1024px.

If you chose 16:9, you should upload a rectangular image of at least 1820x1024px. The most common size for 16:9 is 1920x1080px.

Images are automatically rescaled to be well visible on all mobile sizes.

Please note that we don't accept images heavier than 8MB. If you have an image that weights 8MB or above, you should use your preferred photo editing app (e.g. Photoshop or Gimp) to decrease it size before uploading.

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