Contact Cards (or VCards) are a useful format for people to quickly add your contact info (email & phone) directly to their Contacts in their phone.

On Lnk.Bio you can create a downloadable VCard as a normal Icon.

So first of all, head over to the Style section. If you don't have a section for your icons yet, add it by clicking on the purple plus buttons. Otherwise, locate your Icon section and tap on the green Add Icons button, as shown below.

In the new window, use the text field to search for VCard, then tap on Select as shown below:

Finally enter your VCard information.

At the moment, we only support Email and Phone Number. You should add both, in the following format:


for example;+1473927328

See below an example of how it looks like:

Done! Your VCard icon will now appear in your Lnk.Bio public profile.

When a user taps on the icon, it will download your Contact Card to their phone, so they can quickly add you as a Contact.

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