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How can I have 2 different Lnk layouts (Buttons + Grid)
How can I have 2 different Lnk layouts (Buttons + Grid)
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Grid Layout is only available for paid plans, starting with the MINI at just $0.99/month

Starting from Nov 2022, it's now possible to assign a specific layout to a Lnk Group.

This means that you can easily set some of your links to be under a Grid layout, while other are on a List layout.
Not only, but you can use different type of grids: some Lnks can be under a 3x3 grid, some others a 2x2 grid. You really have a lot of freedom!
To get started, you should divide your Lnks into groups. If you've never done it before, check out this guide.

Once you have your Groups set up, and Lnks added to them, you can quickly switch the Group Layout accessing the Group Management page and clicking on the Group Layout button:

For example, if we set the first Group to Grid with Titles, and the second one to Rounded List, we achieve the following:

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