To add or change the Texts (e.g. for your Biography) on your Lnk.Bio page, head over to the Style section.

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • Add a new Bio (or Text)

  • Edit an existing Bio (or Text)

  • Delete a Bio (or Text)

Add a new Bio (or Text)

To add a new Bio (or Text), tap on the + Add Block in the position you'd like to add your text. For example, if you want to add it at the top of your profile, tap on the first button; if instead you want it after the profile picture, you can tap on the second button. See example below:

In the modal window that opens, select Bio/Text as shown below:

Finally, type your text and tap on Add to save it.

Edit a Bio (or text)

If you had already added a Bio (or text) to your Lnk.Bio page, simply tap on the text you want to edit, as shown below:

You will then be able to edit the text.

Delete a Bio (or text)

Follow the steps of the Edit, above, then select Delete, as shown below:

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