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Why is my PayPal payment taking so long to confirm?
Why is my PayPal payment taking so long to confirm?

Common issues with PayPal payments

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Despite sharing an immediate confirmation with the purchaser (you), PayPal might take longer to send an automated confirmation to the seller (Lnk.Bio). We need this automated confirmation to clear your payment and enable your premium features.

This PayPal delay is well documented across the internet, with several shops complaining (reference 1, reference 2). We've noticed that most transactions are confirmed within 2 minutes, but PayPal has taken up to 1 hour in some extreme cases.
Unfortunately there's nothing we can do from our end, and we suggest you to complain with PayPal directly if you're affected. From our side, we have an ongoing complaint open with the PayPal support where we lament these delays and how they affect our customers.

As always, we're happy to provide any support so feel free to chat with us at any time.

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