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What can I use the URL Shortener for?
What can I use the URL Shortener for?
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πŸ‘½ Short URL are a great way to improve your link sharing routine

πŸ’ˆ You can make your looooong URLs prettier, shorter and more memorable

⛱️ You can track clicks of your URLs and get analytics from your Lnk.Bio account

πŸ’‘ Ideas on what to shorten?

  • Google Drive files

  • Dropbox files

  • Google Photos

  • Mega files

  • Google Maps addresses

  • Long articles in Newspapers/Magazines

πŸ’‘ Ideas on where to share?

  • Instagram stories

  • Facebook stories

  • YouTube video captions

  • TikTok stories

  • Facebook posts

  • Comments

  • Whatsapp messages

  • iMessage messages

  • Telegram messages

  • Signal messages

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