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Which types of services can I sell on Lnk.Bio?
Which types of services can I sell on Lnk.Bio?

Examples of services that you can sell on the Lnk.Bio shop

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πŸ‘½Selling services is a great way to engage with your audience and earn additional income.

πŸ’‘Ideas on which services you can sell?

  • Coaching
    ​Business plan, job hunting and interview skills, interpersonal skills

  • Content Copywriting
    ​Blog posts, articles, guides, ad and sales copy, press releases

  • Digital marketing
    ​Search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing

  • Graphic
    ​Branding guidelines, fonts and typography, brochure and flyer design, packaging and label

  • Health/Fitness
    ​Personalised meal plans

  • Music
    ​Composing a track, audio mixing and mastering, singing, voice over

  • Photography
    ​Portrait, events, real estate, products, pets

  • Social Media Content Creation
    ​Photos, videos, reels, stories

  • Social Media Management
    ​planning, scheduling posts, community management

  • Software development
    ​Create a software, website, mobile apps

  • Software Security

    Security testing, scanning, fixes

  • Translation services
    ​Translate a document, blog

  • Video Editing
    ​Travel vlogs, weddings & events, commercials

  • Virtual Assistant services
    ​Planning, scheduling events

  • Web Content Creation
    ​Logos, banners, landing pages

  • Writing
    ​Lyrics writing, transcription, cover letters and resumes, proofreading

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