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What is a multi account
What is a multi account
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A multi account Lnk.Bio, is a special subscription that allows you to manage multiple Lnk.Bio profiles from a single panel.
This is especially useful for agencies, talent agencies, enterprises with multiple brands, and overall anyone who needs to manage several Lnk.Bio profiles without having to log out/log in every time.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the multi account has an additional screen that allows to manage the profiles. The rest of the Lnk.Bio management panel stays the same, it simply adds a layer on top that allows account switching and creation.

The main features of the multi-account dashboard are:

  • add a new Lnk.Bio account

  • switch to another Lnk.Bio account

  • access the switch page from all Lnk.Bio

When you add a new Lnk.Bio account, you have a much shorter version of the standard Lnk.Bio signup process and you can also specify guest access to give your clients access only to their specific Lnk.Bio profile within your multi account.

Under the UNIQUE plan for multi accounts, you can also add more logins to your dashboard, allowing each of your colleagues to access the multi account and manage all your profiles.

To upgrade your current single Lnk.Bio account to a multi account, click here.

To start a brand new multi account, click here.

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