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Guides and How-Tos

How to make your Lnks open in a new Tab
How to change email to receive Contact Form requests
How to password-protect a Lnk
How to check your Apple Lnk.Bio purchase
How to automatically retrieve the Image and Title of a link
How to turn Dark Mode on or off
Newest YouTube video in your Lnk.Bio page
Migrate existing single Lnk.Bio accounts to Agency/Multi-Account
How to make Collapsible Groups (a.k.a. folders)
How to integrate Lnk.Bio with IFTTT
How to integrate Lnk.Bio with Zapier
How to integrate Lnk.Bio with Pabbly
Sync your TikTok posts to your Lnk.Bio page
How to add a Contact form to your Lnk.Bio
Integrate your Snapchat Pixel
Log in from the Android App
How to Sync your Lnk.Bio Newsletter leads to HubSpot
Integrate your Plausible Pixel
Wrong account connected in the TikTok SYNC section
How to add a Newsletter form to your
How to organize your Lnks in Groups
Integrate your TikTok Pixel
Integrate your Facebook Pixel
Integrate your Google Analytics Pixel
Lnk Effects
Instagram Post Scheduler
Second Page
Sync your Instagram posts to your Lnk.Bio page
Quick Start Guide
Add Links to your Lnk.Bio profile
What is 2FA
How to change your URL
How do I reorder / sort my Lnks?
Install Lnk.Bio in your Instagram account
Integrate your HubSpot Tracking Code
How to generate a QR code for your Lnk.Bio page
How to switch from the original Twitter icon to the new X icon
Recover lost 2FA
Affiliate sales statuses
How to delete pages
How to open your Lnk.Bio shop, step by step guide
Integrate your Twitter Pixel
UTM parameters and UTM presets
Integrate your Google Ads Tag
Schedule Lnks
Add a guest account for a Lnk.Bio page in your multi-account/agency