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Integrate your Snapchat Pixel
Integrate your Snapchat Pixel

Learn how to retrieve your Snapchat Pixel and integrate it into your Lnk.Bio account

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This guide only applies to subscribers of the MINI plan or above

Integrating the Snapchat Pixel into your Lnk.Bio profile is a breeze. Simply head over to your Snapchat Ads account and use the top-left menu to navigate to your Events Manager.

Then, tap on New Event Source as shown below.

In the modal window that opens, choose Web, as shown below

Finally, choose Pixel Code, as shown below

Snapchat will now show you the whole pixel code, but the only part that you need is the ID, shown at the top-left of the window. Tap on the Copy icon to get your ID.

Once you copied your Tracking ID, head over to your Lnk.Bio profile page and tap on Edit, on the right of External Tracking Pixels, as shown below:

Finally, paste the Tracking ID you had previously copied into the Snapchat Pixel input field and then tap Save.

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