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How to check your Apple Lnk.Bio purchase
How to check your Apple Lnk.Bio purchase
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Sometimes Apple puts payments performed via apps in Pending status and they are not immediately processed.

You can quickly check your payment status following these steps:

  1. Open your iOS Settings

  2. Tap on your Name/Photo at the top, to access your iCloud account

  3. Scroll down a bit and click on Media & Purchases, the entry with the App Store icon

  4. A few buttons will pop-out at the bottom of the screen, tap on View Account

  5. Towards the bottom of the new page, tap Purchase History

  6. You will find all your purchases and one of the last ones should be your Lnk.Bio payment, as shown below

    If you see the word Pending it means your order is not complete yet and you need to wait for a few hours (some extreme cases up to 2-3 days according to Apple) for Apple to process it.

    If you don't see it as Pending, contact us immediately and share with us the Order ID, which is the grey code on the top-right corner of your purchase, as shown below

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