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Affiliate sales statuses
Affiliate sales statuses

Learn the various statuses of your Affiliate sales

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When one of your referred users performs a sale, your commissions are shown in your Affiliate page, under My Money > Affiliate.

In the sales commission table, each sale is represented by a line, showing:

  • The date of the sale

  • Your net commission

  • The Status of the transaction

Here's a sample table

The status of the transaction can have 4 values, each represented by an icon:

  • Pending

    represented by an orange hourglass, it means that your transaction has been registered and you need to wait 45 days for it to be finalized/approved.

  • Valid

    represented by a green checkmark, it means that your transaction has been registered, it has waited the 45 days, and is available for payout.

  • Invalid/Rejected

    represented by a red X, it means that this transaction has been rejected. Two are the main reasons for rejection: the user has requested a refund, or the transaction was fraudulent

  • Paid out

    represented by a green banknote, it means that this transaction was valid, and it's already been paid out to you.

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