If you have several separate Lnk.Bio accounts and you wish to migrate them under the Agency/Multi-account plan, follow these 2 very quick steps:

Step 1: Retrieve your unique Migration Code

  1. Upgrade one single account to Multi-Account or Log in to your Agency/Multi-account if you have already upgraded.

  2. Head over to Menu > Settings

  3. Scroll down to Existing Accounts migration > View as shown below:

  4. Copy your Migration Code

Step 2: Migrate each account

Follow these steps for each single account that you'd like to migrate:

  1. Log out from the Agency/Multi-Account account.

  2. Log in to the single account you'd like to migrate.

  3. Head over to Menu > Settings

  4. Scroll down to Multi-Account migration > Edit as shown below:

  5. Paste the Migration Code you had copied at Step 1 and click/tap on Confirm migration

  6. All done! Your single account can now be managed from your Agenc/Multi-Account.


  • You can not migrate your single account if it's already part of another Agency/Multi-Account. You need to get in touch with us for that.

  • You can not migrate your single account, if the recipient Agency/Multi-Account has reached its max number of users. Upgrade to add more users

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