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Instagram Post Scheduler
Instagram Post Scheduler

Learn what is and how to use the Instagram Post Scheduler

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IG Post Scheduler allows you to post and schedule your content on Instagram directly from Lnk.Bio

The IG Post Scheduler can only be used by Instagram Business Accounts connected to a Facebook Page (this is a requirement from Instagram side, not ours).

The benefits of IG Post Scheduler are:

  • Save time by adding the content only once and posting on both IG and Lnk.Bio at the same time

  • Be able to schedule your posts and links in advance

  • 100% automated SYNC between IG and Lnk.Bio

How to use IG Post Scheduler

Below you can find step-by-step instructions on how to get started with IG Post Scheduler.

Pre-requisite: Unique Subscription

In order to use the IG Post Scheduler, you need to have a UNIQUE subscription. You can read more about our plans and evaluate an upgrade by clicking below:

Step 1: Connect your IG account

Head over to the IG Post Scheduler page and click on the orange button Connect to IG Business.

This will trigger the Log in via Facebook, which will ask for additional permission to post on your behalf on your Instagram pages.

Accept the permissions to move forward.

Please make sure that the username of your Instagram page is the same as the one you have on your Lnk.Bio profile or we won't be able to connect you.

Step 2: Schedule your first post

Once you're correctly connected via Facebook, you can start scheduling your posts. First of all, click on the Schedule new Post button located at the top of the page, as shown below:

Then in the popup that opens, you can add your post information. In particular you always need to add:

  • An Image to publish in your IG Post.

  • A Caption that will be published on IG (it can contain #hashtags)

  • An URL and Title for your links

  • The date in which you want to publish

Once done, confirm the post and that's it! It will be published at the requested time on both IG and Lnk.Bio.

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