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Sync your Instagram posts to your Lnk.Bio page
Sync your Instagram posts to your Lnk.Bio page
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If you're looking to mirror your Instagram feed on Lnk.Bio, you can use the automated sync to import posts from your IG account, add links & titles and publish them very quickly.

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Step-by-step Guide

Prerequisite: this feature is only available for our paid subscribers, plans MINI and above.

To get started, head over to the Sync section from the Integrations => IG Sync. Below your profile picture, you will find a "Connect to Instagram" button which you can use to give us permission to retrieve your posts automatically. See screenshot below:

Note: the access via Instagram is readonly (we can not post on your behalf, we can only retrieve a list of your posts). We never ask for your password!

After clicking in the button, you will be redirected to Make sure you're logged with the correct account. After you give us permission to retrieve your posts, you will be redirected back to Lnk.Bio, where you should be able to see all your latest posts, as shown below.

To import a new IG post to your Lnk.Bio account, tap/click on one of the pictures.

This will open a small window, where you can see a preview of the image and add a Title a Link for your new Lnk. See example below:

Click on Publish to save your Lnk, and it will immediately appear on your profile.

If you're planning to import all posts from your IG account, make sure you start from the oldest and move up!

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