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Install Lnk.Bio in your Instagram account
Install Lnk.Bio in your Instagram account

Updated for the 2023 Instagram update concerning Links

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Instagram has recently put some limitations on how you can add clickable links to your account. You need to use the official Instagram App to do so, you can no longer use your browser.

After you create your Lnk.Bio account copy & paste your Lnk.Bio URL in your Instagram Profile, under the Links section of your Instagram biography.

You can either watch our full video here or read the step-by-step guide below.


Step 1

Head over to your Lnks page, and tap on the Copy button located at the top-right of your page, as shown below:

Step 2

So after you copied the link, head over to your Instagram App, click on Edit Profile and click on the Links section as shown below

Step 3

Now that you're within the Links section, click on Add External Link as shown below, or click on the first option to edit your current link

Step 4

Finally, paste the Lnk.Bio URL you had previously copied, and give it a title (e.g. Lnk.Bio). Tap on Done, to save.

The Title is currently not shown anywhere in your profile, so you can add anything you want.

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