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How to set up your About Page on Lnk.Bio

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Lnk.Bio offers you the possibility to create an additional page within your Lnk.Bio information, to showcase additional content. The most common usage for this, is to create an About Page to sit beside your links.

To get started creating your second page, head over to Style, then on top of the page select My Pages.

While on the My Pages section, use the right arrow to move from your initial page, to the second one, as shown below:

A new empty page will be shown, together with the button Add Page. Click there to get started.

A new popup will appear, showing the choice for the initial layout of your new page. Please note this is just a way to get your started by you can fully customise the page later.

Now that your new page is created, you will be automatically redirected to the Style page to customise your newly created page as you prefer.

When you're done, the second page will appear as a slide on the right of your Lnks on your Lnk.Bio public profile. Visitors of your Lnk.Bio profiles will have several options to move from your main Lnks page to the new About page.

  1. Use the Arrows located in the top-right corner

  2. Use the small dots at the top-center

  3. Swipe horizontally (most common)

See below an example of where these are located

After swiping, the complete About page will be shown, as shown below:

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