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How to add a Newsletter form to your
How to add a Newsletter form to your

Learn how to integrate a Newsletter signup form

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There are two ways to integrate a Newsletter form on your Lnk.Bio profile.

  1. Add a Newsletter form directly on your profile

  2. Add a Newsletter icon which will open the form in a modal window

Let's see how both methods work

Method 1: Add the form directly into your profile

If you want your form to be immediately visible in your profile, head over to the Style section, then click on Add Block in the position you'd like to add your text. For example, if you want to add it at the top of your profile, tap on the first button; if instead you want it after the profile picture, you can tap on the second button. See example below:

Once the new modal window open, select Newsletter from the available block types, as shown below:

All done! Your newsletter form will be added automatically to your profile, integrated within your layout/theme, as shown below

Method 2: Add an Icon to open the Form

If instead you prefer to have an icon that can open the Newsletter, head over to the Style section and Add a new Icon.

When you're typing to find the icon, search for Newsletter, and select the corresponding icon, as shown below.

All done! When a user visits your profile, they will see the icon together with your other social ones, as shown below.

If they click on the Newsletter icon, a modal window will appear, showing your Newsletter signup form, as shown below.

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