Mailchimp is an amazing tool to engage and build loyalty with your followers and visitors. Integrating Mailchimp in Lnk.Bio allows you to immediately capture their attention and increase your conversion rate.

There are two ways to integrate Mailchimp in Lnk.Bio

  1. EASY: create a link to your Mailchimp form, hosted on Mailchimp itself

  2. ADVANCED: embed the Mailchimp form directly on Lnk.Bio

While the first option is the easiest one to implement, the second one offers the best conversion rate as it removes 1 intermediate step and integrates seamlessly in your Lnk.Bio page.

Once you choose your preferred option, follow the instructions below:

  1. Follow this Mailchimp guide to generate a Link (URL) for your signup form

  2. Head over to the Lnks section of your Lnk.Bio control panel, tap on add a new Lnk and then paste the URL generated at step 1.

It should look like this:

OPTION 2: Embed form

  1. Follow this Mailchimp guide to generate an Embed code for your form. Make sure you style it correctly to integrate with your Lnk.Bio layout. Copy the Embed Code.

  2. Head over Lnk.Bio and navigate to Style and scroll down to where you want to add the Mailchimp form. Tap on "Add Block" in the desired position

  3. Choose Mailchimp as shown below:

  4. Paste the Embed Code you had previously copied into the field. It should look like this:

5. Click "Save" to save the changes

If at any time you encounter any difficulties, please contact us via the chat button located in any page of Lnk.Bio

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